Dental interventions:

  • Complete dentistry,
  • Prosthetics,
  • Dental implants for cosmetic dentistry
  • Aesthetic medicine


What are the benefits of implants?

The benefits of implant treatment are manifold, primarily in the biological sense. The implant restores bone function and thus muscle function, it prevents atrophy (decay) of bones, it does not grind natural teeth, and improves function and aesthetics of the stomatognathic system.

Which persons are able to have a dental implant?

The number of diseases that prevent the implant placement is very small. There is no age limit for implant treatment, but it is not done on the persons less than 18 years old because of incomplete growth and development of the jaw bones.

Is implant placement painful?

Implant placement is performed with local anesthesia and it is absolutely painless for the patient.

Can the implant be rejected?

With proper indication, good planning and adequate surgical procedure, implant rejection occurs very rarely. The success rate of implant treatment is 97%.

Is it possible to even out the color of the “dead” darkened teeth?

The problem of darkening of some teeth after nerve extraction can be successfully solved by whitening of all teeth or some teeth. Teeth whitening is done by applying special products which are illuminated with special lamps for whitening or with lasers.



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